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Peter Street Thumbing from Lipik to Pakrac  New and Selected Poems (2009)

A new generation of poets like Mr Street – who hail from working class backgrounds – are bringing verse back home. For many British Poets like Mr Street pushing poetry is now a mission. Like a wondering medieval minstrel, he’s bringing his art to the people.
Ernest Beck, Wall Street Journal

The experiences out of which the poems in Peter Street’s book are made are often red-raw. All praise to him, then, that he doesn’t rest content with simple reportage…. Street’s poems tend to be short impacted narratives, the lines usually curt, tautly expressive. Order a copy from your nearest bookseller. You won’t regret it.
Professor John Lucas: Critical Survey,
Oxford University Press

It’s impossible to disassociate Peter Street’s poetry from the back cloth if his disability since he only began writing after his accident. But disability doesn’t figure in his work, it merely drives him on to greater achievement. Street’s writing reveals a positive language.
Judy Meewezen, North West Times


ISBN 978-1-906742-00-3


There is much to admire, and even learn from in these poems: they linger in the mind. Full of guts, that’s exactly where they hit the reader.
Carole Baldock: Iota

Peter Street’s poems celebrate “ordinary life”. But he knows that that covers every kind of fear, frustration, hope disappointed or fulfilled; pleasure denied or achieved. About his emotions he writes with a raw truthfulness, an eye (and ear) for telling detail, and an often startling memory of things felt in a rather frightening, yet fascinating past.
Alan Brownjohn

Here again, Peter writes what he experiences and makes poetry out of what he sees, hears feels. He has that enviable facility of innocent seeing and uncluttered by complication and over sophistication, which enables him to give us poems that have an honest and moving directness. And what he feels is akin to Owen’s pity – indignation tempered by pity. Peter Street’s poems are always intensely human and humane.
Matt Simpson

Peter Street writes poetry from the blood and sinew of being. Through his language he picks open the scars of humanity, taking the reader away from worthy issues, to the breath and soul of life, and its core profundities.
Penny Boot, Disability Arts In London


Peter Street, born in Wigan 1948 is a national and international poet with three major collections to his name. He has performed his poetry in places like, The Cornerhouse, Manchester, Wigan Pier, Bolton Octagon, Piazza, Covent Garden, Civic Centre Carlisle, plus hundreds of pubs and clubs up and down the country.

ITV made a twelve minute Remembrance Sunday Special about his time as a poet in 1993 during the Bosnian/Croat conflict. He has also been seen on Zoom TV Rundfunk, Munich, Germany. and Nederlandse Programma Stichting ( N.P.S. Holland ) The Wall Street Journal described him as being 'Like A Medieval Wandering Minstrel, He’s Bringing His Art To The People'.

His poems have also been broadcast on the BBC World Service. He was poet in residence for BBC G.M.R. “Who Cares”. He won the National Poetry Societies “Fish and Chips” Placement Last year and wrote a series of poems for the highly successful Tony Bevan Catalogue.

He is the recent recipient of a Royal Literary Fund grant and has been writer in residence in numerous schools, colleges and prisons such as The International Youth Camp, England.

He is a qualified youth worker and has also worked as a chef in his own Mediterranean cafe. He has also worked as a forester, gravedigger and exhumer.


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